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Churches in USA


St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Dallas, TX
St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, Dallas, TX
St. Mary's Orthodox Valiyapally, Farmers Branch, TX
St. Mary's Orthodox Church of India, Carrolton, TX
St. James Orthodox Mission Church, Dallas TX
St. George Orthodox Church, Dallas, TX
St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, Austin, TX
St. Gregorios Orthodox Church; Houston,TX
St. Stephen's Orthodox Church, Houston,TX
St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Houston,TX


St. Gregorios Orthodox Church of India; Bronx, NY
St. Mary?s Orthodox Church of India, Bronx,NY
St. Gregorios Orthodox Church; Queens, NY
St. Thomas Malankara Orthodox Church of Philadelphia
St. Gregorios Orthodox Church; New Jersey
St. Gregorios Malankara (Indian) Orthodox Church Of Greater Washington
St. Thomas Orthodox Church; Washington D.C.


St. Gregorios Orthodox Church; Chicago, IL
St. Mary's Orthodox Church; Chicago, IL
Holy Transfiguration Malankara Orthodox Syrian Mission; Madison, Wisconsin


St. Thomas Orthodox Church; Los Angeles, CA
St. Gregorios Orthodox Church; San Francisco, CA


St. Gregorios Orthodox Church; London